Firmenname: Dalian Konform Technical Co., Ltd.
Strasse: No. 19, Longlian Science and Technology Industrial Park
PLZ / Ort: CN-116050 Lushunk District, Dalian
Telefon: +86 411 86286551 Postfach:
Telefax: +86 411 86286520 Postfach-PLZ:
E-Mail: wutao@konform.cn
Homepage: http://www.konform.cn
DaLian Konform Technical Company LTD. has kept a close relationship with Continuous Extrusion Engineering Research Center of Dalian Jiaotong University. It is a company dedicated to the research and application of the continuous extrusion technology. The company has 200 employees, and 35 university professors and senior engineers among them. With its 60,000-square-meter R&D and manufacturing facility, the company is fitted with advanced equipments.
DaLian Konform Technical Company LTD. pioneered systematic researches in the continuous extrusion and cladding field in China since 1984. Its academic and industrial achievements are highly regarded both at home and abroad. 12 achievements have won state, provincial or ministerial level awards. In 2008 its continuous and cladding technology is awarded the National second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology again.

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