Firmenname: Yixing Jinzhen Casting Material Co. Ltd.
Strasse: 26# Wushuang Road
PLZ / Ort: CN-214200 Zhangzhu town, Yixing
Telefon: +86 510 8791 9806 Postfach:
Telefax: +86 510 8791 1806 Postfach-PLZ:
E-Mail: casting510@126.com
Homepage: http://www.jzzzcl.com
Kam Ching Yixing Casting Material Co.,Ltd is the first local company that is specializing in production of die casting plunger lubricant granules,at the same time the production and business operation of the varieties are casting auxiliary equipment and release agent, dosing equipment, spray gun, anti-solder wax, Nitride silicon protection tube,and laddle coating and so on. The product on the market has been widely praised by users.the company completed its 2600 square meter new factory in aug2009,equipped with country's largest plunger lubricant granules production facilities,with annual production capacity of 5000 tons. The advance manufacturing process and high degree of automation content helps it to maintain its leading quality position in China.The company integrated its research,sales and maunfacturing ,equipped with advance and complete range of inspection and testing equipments,around the strict manufacturing and quality assurance system. The company is committed to casting plunger granules continuous technology improvement and development,creating high productivity and clean production environment to customer,always work hand in hand with new an old customer in creating a better future together.

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